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Paper Storage

Gallo S.R.L. has two warehouses located in Rubano and Grantorto

The great availability of space allows us to unload and store large quantities of paper.
We offer a material storage service to our customers, also through a warehouse management system that allows constant control of all stocks.

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Rubano plant
5000 m2 available
3500 m2 covered
Grantorto plant
40000 m2 available
12500 m2 covered

Coil cutting with saw

In 2018 we added a Becker disc coil saw to our machinery fleet, the most great today on an Italian level. The becker saw is equipped with a device for rectifying freshly cut coils which allows further smoothing of the head after cutting.

The advantages

  • Reusing coils with wet heads
  • Burr-free cutting
  • Height optimization
  • Regeneration of coil heads
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200000 Kg/Day
4 Cuts/Time
4000 Ton/Month

Document Destruction

Gallo S.R.L. offers a document collection and destruction service.

With the destruction of sensitive documents, every print on the sheets is made absolutely illegible and at the same time their recyclability is maintained. of paper, thus avoiding the use of incinerators. This is a more ecological, thus avoiding the use of incinerators.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the destruction carried out and its effective illegibility. of documents, via certified attestation. Furthermore it is It is possible to request photographic/video proof of disposal of paper documents.
We operate in accordance with to the rules established by EU regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) which implies a series of obligations relating to documentary, security and operational side of destruction procedures

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200000 Kg/Year
3000 saved trees
3 operational shredders

Collection and recovery of waste paper

Recovering waste paper allows you to save water and electricity

We at Gallo S.R.L. we operate a waste paper collection, transport, disposal and recovery service throughout the Veneto region, and in some areas of northern Italy outside the region to individual companies, public bodies and large-scale distribution centres.

Rubano plant

  • 2 presses with conveyor belt
  • 1 sorting plant
  • 3 shredders
  • 180 Ton/Production day

Grantorto plant

  • 2 presses with conveyor belt
  • 1 perform anime
  • 1 briquetter for ashes
  • 300 Ton/Day
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440000 l of water saved
7600 kWh of energy saved
1500 saved trees

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