20 March 2020

Gallo S.R.L embraces new trends of corporate garden.

Landed in Italy from USA it's the last frontier of #GreenEconomy for increasing benefits on company’s employees.

Corporate garden is not only a way to make offices more comfortable, but also a full of benefits project that increase productivity and colleagues relationship.

Scientists from Cardiff University has proved that plants in company space raise by 15% employees productivity by reducing stressful situation, improving attention and taking care of workers well being.

In addition, building a connection with nature during works break have a positive impacts on people’s mental health, it helps start to work with determination.

Corporate gardens as availability of free and biological food and good opportunity for healthy alimentation.

It is a Km 0 sustainability strategy for our company by km 0 products as help to reduce environmental impact.

Ideas for future? Bring garden inside company offices, some researches claim that plants purify the air, therefore improving condition of employees also by absorbing volatile substances that could create respiratory distress and eyes irritation.

This project is a back to hearth values a start for building a new coexistence with nature by a new concept of fairness. Making fair and sustainable profit leaving to those coming after us not the very same world we found, but a better one.

Striking a balance between profits and giving back, take care of the hearth as a new idea of life, on every day work there is a time for business and one for human soul.