What does business mean to us?

Man needs dignity more than bread

Every day, our employees spend a significant part of their lives in our factories. That's why we aim to be a leading and decisive point of reference for their well-being and the well-being of their families. We are building dedicated spaces that make the daily work experience more enjoyable, because a healthy and supportive workplace is the first step to restoring dignity to the people who contribute to the development and growth of the company every day.

Healthier workplace

We care about where we build our company, we care about creating a culture of our work.

Showing esteem and appreciation for what we do every day is important, because it increases responsibility and genius. We imagine a more "human" enterprise within which profit and human dignity coexist every day.

More human enterprise

The company as a model of social responsibility

Individual nutrition has a strong impact on health, conviviality promotes well-being and increases good humor.
That's why we have also built a corporate farm, " to promote quality food and local produce.
Sustainability is an integral part of our mission.

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Our company vegetable garden