All our commitment to the environment.

Our Vision.

We are committed to promoting a business that meets the social, environmental, and economic needs of the current generation, without compromising those of future generations.

Company vegetable garden

Our Mission.

We are committed to minimizing waste every day by operating at the heart of the sustainable economy of paper and its derivatives, contributing to building an increasingly solid circular supply chain. We are constantly looking for new processes to reduce consumption, optimize production, and renew machines and plants to guarantee a minimum environmental impact, always closer to a Zero Waste industry.

Our commitment to the environment

Our Business.

Our activities are designed to be profitable, but without generating financial profit at the expense of forest resources or the ecosystem, in perfect line with the new green economy. wardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody, which guarantees the traceability of materials from FSC-certified forests and is essential for applying the FSC label to our products.

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Our commitment to the environment

Bringing our philosophy to our offices.

We also bring our way of thinking to our offices, where furniture is largely made from renewable or recycled materials.
In every season, we offer our employees fruit and vegetables from our company's garden and orchards, to promote our way of being to the people who are close to us.

Interior of the offices