A little about us...

Anni 50






Roots in Rubano

The company was founded in the post-war years in Sarmeola di Rubano, Italy, by entrepreneur Antonio Gallo, assisted by his sons. It started as a small, pioneering company that grew over time to specialize in the recovery of recycled paper.

Towards New Horizons

With the relocation of the production site to Rubano and under the leadership of the new CEO Maurizio Perin, who brings his 20 years of experience in the paper industry, the company developed its trade with national and international markets, dealing with high-quality waste paper and stock rolls for the printing and packaging sectors.

A New Era in Recycling

With the entry of new synergies and the merger of external activities, the company expanded, opening the Grantorto plant with two new continuous presses for recycled paper and a department dedicated to the recovery and processing of rolls.

Innovation at the Forefront

Driven by our passion for technology, we integrated our converting hub with a circular saw for the recovery of damaged, wet, and out-of-spec rolls. The new machine is one of the only ones in Europe with a cutting capacity of up to 5000 mm in height and 1500 mm in diameter, with a surprising capacity of 10 tons.

Looking to the Future

The company's commitment to the environment is already expressed in the choice to create green areas dedicated to the awareness and well-being of employees and people with whom the company collaborates. This vision is well integrated with the new project to install a photovoltaic plant with the aim of achieving full energy self-sufficiency. All of this is in perfect symbiosis with the territory where the Grantorto site is located and with the company motto REthink Green.

Just in time!

The growing demand from our customers for fast and customized solutions for the world of paper in rolls and format has led us to invest in our Converting Hubr, which is enriched with two new machines: a cutting machine and a rewinder.